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Application, resume, diploma/degree, and any applicable credentials and/or licenses.
  • Applications will ONLY be processed for vacant positions.
  • Resume will not be accepted in lieu of completed application.
  • Documents become the property of Schneider Regional Medical Center upon submission.
  • Applications are valid for six (6) months from the date of receipt and must be resubmitted thereafter.
SRMC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
Position (s) Applied For
Position types
How Can We Contact You
Education / Job Related Training & Course Work

High School, College, University, or Professional School (An Official Transcript may be required) Vocational, Trade, Government, Business Armed Forces, etc.

Did you Graduate
Licensure, Registration, Certification (Examples: RN, LPN, PES, CPA, etc.)

College, University, or Professional School (An Official Transcript may be required)

Periods of Employment

Describe your work experience in detail, beginning with your current or most recent job. Include military services (include rank) and job related or volunteer work, if applicable. Indicate the number of employees supervised. ALL information in this section must be completed. Resume must be attached.

May we contact your previous supervisor for a reference
Knowledge / Skill / Abilities
How did you hear about us
Background Information
Are you legally authorized to work in the U.S.?
Were you ever discharged from any employment, rejected during your probationary period, or have you ever resigned under the threat of discharge from any employment?
Were you ever convicted of a sexual criminal offense against a minor?
If, you answered “YES” in accordance with Act #6182, in order to attain employment, you must register with the Virgin Islands Department of Justice and provide evidence of registration.
Have you ever been charged, convicted, pled no contest, or pled guilty to a crime, which is a felony or a misdemeanor?
Have you ever worked at Schneider Regional Medical Center?
Veterans Preference Information
Do you claim veteran’s preference, if eligible?
Veteran’s preference: Check one
Did you serve in active duty for the U.S. Military
What was your discharge?
Do you have a service connected disability (rated 10% or more by V.A)?
(Optional) EEO Survey
I acknowledge that Schneider Regional Medical Center operates twenty-four (24) hours a day and seven (7) days a week. By signing below I understand that work hours may vary based on the position I am applying for. I am also aware that any omission, falsification, misstatement, or misrepresentation above may disqualify me for employment consideration and if I am hired, may be grounds for termination at a later date. I understand that any information I give may be investigated as by law. I consent to the release of information about my ability, employment history, and fitness for employment by employers, schools, law enforcement agencies, and other individuals and organizations, investigators, personnel staff, and other authorized employees of the Virgin Islands Government for employment purposes. I understand and accept the fact that my consent shall remain effective during the tenure of my employment should I be hired. I certify to the best of my knowledge and belief all of the statements contained herein and on any attachment are true, correct, and made in good faith.