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Pt Check In

Patient Check in

Quality health care is of the utmost importance to every patient, and that includes not only their treatment by the doctor, but their initial and subsequent interactions with SRMC staff.

Schneider Regional Medical Center (SRMC) has lifted the temporary restrictions placed on elective surgeries and outpatient procedures. Patient and employee safety remains our top priority at SRMC. As such, our visitation and screening processes continues throughout this first phase of the reopening. Our community will have access to the following services: SRMC Heart & Lung Laboratory Services (including testing for food handler’s cards) Rehabilitation Services (Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Cardiopulmonary Therapy) Dietary and Nutrition Consultations Mastectomy & Medical Compression Garment Fittings Limited Elective Surgical Procedures Patients who wish to schedule their elective surgery or outpatient procedure should call our Patient Access and Scheduling Department at (340) 776-8311 extensions 2157, 2168, 2171, and 2211. For more information about Schneider Regional Medical Center, visit our website at

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