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  • Kathleen Thiessen

    From the emergency room to a four day stay and treatment, and going back to get copies of all records, our family received compassionate care and professional assistance in every way. I didn't give five stars only because I think the board and the USVI government needs to step up and give these people all the tools they need to serve this island. We were very grateful for all that was done for our loved one in a timely, and professional manner!!

  • Wendy S. Hart

    Seeing The Other Side Of The Fence
    This particular morning was an uneasy one for me.  I was nervous and has some anxiety that made my blood pressure be way higher than usual.  I was very hesitant on even getting out of bed in the first place.  I had too; I had already drunk the most enormous, nastiest lemon flavoured fluid that tasted worse than anything I have ever had to drink.  Each gulp

    All this was because I was scheduled to have a procedure at the same place I worked at.  I am a very healthy individual, but due to my family history, I needed the dreaded colonoscopy that we all eventually need to get done.  Well, it was my turn.  I was nervous over the procedure due to the unknown of what may be lurking deep in my colon.  Even more anxious over having it done where I worked, and the thought of being on the other side of the fence, being an actual patient and not the health care provider.

    Well, I must admit, the experience wasn’t bad at all.  First of all, the staff in the OR, and my physician was wonderful.  The procedure, well, what can I say it was what it was.  They were very professional and understanding.  I believe they could see I was nervous and they were very comforting.  A few of the nurses that recognized me came over and visited me.  I told one of them in particular that I was nervous and replied to my statement in a soft sweet voice, “You’re one of us, your part of the family; we’ll take good care of you”.  I’m sure I wasn’t treated any different from any other patient, but her just saying that for some reason, calmed my apprehensions down.   Another nurse that recognized me asked if I wanted her to put in my IV, I said ok, she wasn’t even my nurse for my case.  She did a great job, I didn’t even feel it.  Well, maybe a little pinch.  Everyone was wonderful from start to finish.

    What a wonderful family that I found I belong too, and I am proud to be a part of at SRMC.  KUDOS and a BIG THANKS to the entire OR team.  I couldn’t of been in better caring hands that day.  Thank you for your wonderful care and dedication to your profession.
    The experience has taught me a valuable lesson in being more understanding to our patients on what they may be feeling, and their anxieties on the unknown.  Being on the other side of the fence is not pleasant for anyone, but maybe I, as a health care provider can make a difference in their lives.

    A BIG Thanks again,
    A patient for a day

  • Melisa Kirby reviewed Schneider Regional Medical Center

    I broke my wrist last evening when slipping on wet concrete steps. My son and friends drove me to Schneider ER where we all were treated politely and efficiently. From registration to triage, ex-ray, exam, administering of a pain med, splinting and checkout, each and every professional involved was outstanding both in care and bedside manner. I wish I remembered names so I could properly thank them. I can't but do want to publicly thank them here. Good job, team! I greatly appreciate you.
  • Mary Kukfa Stallings

    We landed at Roy Schneider Hospital after a medical emergency out on sea on a cruise ship. From the ER Nurse Kelly who helped me acclimate to the hospital and island culture, to the surgeon Dr Comissiong and OR staff who treated my 22 year old daughter like their own on her 22nd birthday, to the Cruise port Liaison Tiarra who took care of everything (and more), to the Patient Advocate and the Nurse in charge who made sure I was comfortable and finally our nurse Christine who we were happy to have for three 12 hour shifts, our 3 1/2 day stay was the best it could be. This RN Nurse Mom is grateful for the care we received and Dr Commissiong's follow up after we returned home.
  • Kevin McDonough, Florida

    My name is Kevin McDonough and I have been married to my wife, Deborah, for almost 33 years. This letter is meant to thank all the wonderful people in St. Thomas who not only saved my wife’s life this week but also showed us random acts of great kindness too numerous to mention. Here is our story:

    Celebrating both of our birthdays this week, my wife and I left Miami on July 9 on the Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship, Escape. Shortly after sailing, she developed incredible pain and was placed in the ship’s ICU/Medical Section. They were correct in their diagnosis, and on July 12, my wife was taken by ambulance to the hospital as soon as the ship reached our first port, which was St. Thomas.

    We discovered she had a gangrenous gall bladder, she was admitted and it was successfully removed in emergency surgery on July 13. Her birthday was yesterday, and she is recuperating now (under my tender loving care) at the Green Iguana on St. Thomas.

    We wish to personally thank the Escape ship’s medical staff, Schneider Regional Medical Center and the ER Nurses, Radiology Department, Surgery Department — especially gifted surgeon, Dr. Gilbert K. Comissiong, a native son of St. Thomas — the Medical/Surgical nurses and fourth floor staff and Jerrick Amaro, Norwegian Cruise Line’s ship agent on St. Thomas who has been so kind to my wife and me this week.

    We also must thank John and Gwen Pittman of the Green Iguana Hotel who gave me peace, love and a place to lie down and later a quiet place for my wife to recuperate after the hospital discharged her. They will be our friends for the rest of our lives.

    Please allow me to also thank the only person we knew here in St. Thomas — as he picked us up more 20 years ago in his “Golden Chariot”: Dennis “Goldie” Kuntz, whom everyone here seems to know and love. He visited us, took me to buy groceries and took us to church, Mt. Zion New Testament Church Of God, on Sunday to give thanks.

    So many total strangers gave me rides to the hospital for free, free meals, hugs, directions and recommended people and places to help us in our times of great need. You will always be in our hearts. Thank you to you all.

    St. Thomas is my wife’s favorite island. She likes it so much that she decided to give her gall bladder to St. Thomas. Now that’s love!

    All is well and we will treasure our time here. We will be back. We are departing on the NCL Escape today, July 19, to complete our cruise and we thank their amazing crew as well.